Author Daniel Jeffries penned an article detailing the most important invention of the last 500 years: Triple entry accounting. What does that have to do with alt coins and cryptocurrency, and why is it the most important invention of the last 500 years?

Everything – and as soon as the crypto-haters realize it, and stop trying to impede its inevitable forward progress, we can move on and allow civilized society to take it’s next momentous step.

Crypto-haters and people who have not taken the time to research blockchain and its capabilities compare alt coins and cryptocurrency to the Tulip craze of the 17th century.

From Daniel Jeffries article:

“You know this story. Bitcoin is a Tulip craze and it has no value. Only fools and computer geeks see it as worthwhile.

This is such an asinine comparison. It demonstrates a complete lack of critical thinking. It’s nothing but a knee-jerk opinion formed after casually reading an article or two on Reddit and calling it a day. That’s not thinking. That’s a lazy mental heuristic, a poster child in the Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments.

Here’s the deal: Tulips actually had no inherent value. They were just flowers. They were pretty and that was about it.

Bitcoin is founding an entirely new method of frictionless transactions, spawning new decentralized app platforms that you’ll be using every day in three to five years.”

Read the full article here, and then pass it on to any crypto-haters you know to show them exactly what they don’t understand about it, and why they need to rethink their position.

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